KHAPI (pronouced "copy") is rather large set of C language functions for use in Server-Side HTTP applications in a Unix enviornment, or Microsoft Windows.
If you want a Client-Side HTTP library, try out libwww.

The API allows console programs to display stdout via HTTP and recieve POST data via stdin,
however a client-side CGI/1.1 library is included with GET/POST support.

The API by itself is very simple; it only supports CGI-like functions via stdout, or a pipe.
The file, directory listing, and CGI modules are wrappers around that
Now you may even create your own filters, just look at the zlib Real-Time compression addon.

Program Included:
      (*)HTTP Web server with path aliasing support, authentication, SSL support, and compression.

Basic Support:
                Protocols: HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0, & HTTP/1.1
                  Methods: GET, HEAD, *POST, *TRACE, & *OPTIONS
   Large file support.
   Persistent Connections
   Chunked Transfer Encoding
   **Default Real-Time Gzip & Deflate Compression Filter(w/ zlib)
   *HTTP range header support
   *CGI/1.1 support (including Win32)
   *Secure Sockets using OpenSSL (ie HTTPS)
   *Data (eg compression), HTTP (opaque IO) & OpenSSL (BIO) filter model.
   MIME type database
   Path Aliasing/Mapping Functions
   CGI/1.1 client-side library, with GET/POST support.

 *  Built using CGI-like response model.
 ** Built using Data Filter response model.

To this point, ALL code has been written by me, Karlan Mitchell. However, if you would like to start developing,
email me, or check out the "addons" directory, for examples of how to extend the API.

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