NEWS: Saturday March 17, 2007
As you may have noticed this project hasn't been updated
in a while, its got some bugs, and definate problems; However
it is still very useful, I personally use the Win32 HTTP server (w/ GUI, based off of the core code) version all the time to send files to and from different comps on my network. Enough said, this is old, and my programming has gotten way better since...

NEWS: Friday March 24th, 2006

I updated my Resume

I also have started a new sourceforge project called distweb. A program for
MacOSX, Windows, and Linux which allows filesharing amonst you and your friends. It
includes File Searchs, Chats, Multi-Source Downloads, and HTML
support using Mozilla (allowing for users to post a P2P website).
If you would like to be a Beta Tester please email karlan-AT-users.sourceforge.net

NEWS: Sunday January 1st, 2006

Happy New Years! This site went under a simple reworking, making it look MUCH better.
New versions KHAPI are not really a priority at this moment. I'm currently working
on a routing project, involving KHAPI as the remote configuration software.

NEWS: Monday October 3rd, 2005

Version 0.0.12:
    SSL support added using OpenSSL!
    Simple Authentication Model added!
    Many bug fixes.
    Unfortunately, the GLADE GUI was Removed.
    New and improved socket IO model!
    HTTP server now has better config, more options, and more features.
    Better directory listings.

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